VDMX + MadMapper tutorial

Here’s a quick and dirty tutorial explaining how to connect MadMapper and VDMX.
You’ll need the latest beta serie from VDMX, beta 0.8.x.x or superior.
Note that you can click the images to make them bigger.

STEP #1:
First, launch VDMX and place a movie file in your media bin:
This will launch the clip on layer 1

STEP #2:
Go to the Plugins section of your workspace inspector,
click the + sign, in order to add a plugin.
Then select the Syphon Output, which will allow you to send video frames to MadMapper.

STEP #3:
Select which part of your process you want to send to MadMapper.
Here we’ll be sending the Main Out of VDMX, which is the final composite of your VDMX FX chain

STEP #4:
Launch MadMapper.
VDMX Main Out will Automatically appear in the Syphon section of your inputs.
Double click it and MadMapper will display the frames in the Input View

STEP #5:
Now you can start creating primitives in MAdMapper and selecting which parts of the video coming from VDMX
are applied to which portions of the space you are projecting in:

Once you’re done with your setup, you can hide MadMapper, or click the little arrow at the top to reduce the window size (this will help gain some speed) and focus on working in VDMX !

15 Responses to “VDMX + MadMapper tutorial”

  1. Joerg Says:

    Hi Francois,

    In your opinion, how would I achieve the following in madmapper?
    You show in your manual, that you take the same input section and map it to two quads, one flipped and rotated.
    If I now want to switch back and forth between different mappings during a performance (maybe flipped – not flipped or similar) how do In do it?

    load different project files?

    Thx in advance … AND …

    GREAT JOB !! …. it’s just pure awesome software!!!

  2. […] sure about that many people lipping a microphone one after the other- but it’s pretty cool. Here’s a great tutorial they did on VDMX and Madmapper as […]

  3. superbbirdbastian Says:

    how do i get the madmapper output back into vdmx?

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      with version 1.02 you can’t.
      A next update will fix that and allow you to syphon MM’s output

  4. looking foward for the preset update.
    amazing job guys!

  5. I am new this program and so amazed by it. however I have little problem. when I double click the syphon section, in input view, the message saying ” canvas rendering is disable, this setting is in vdmx’s rendering references!” is shown. what should I do to fix that error?

    thanks for helping me out.

  6. mbirame Says:

    I’m using the demo, and trying to wrap my head around how you would map multiple polygons with MadMapper going into VDMX. Can you point to an example of how that is done? Also, I’m unclear WHY you take a Syphon output from VDMX? Why not just put the media into Madmapper and then Syphon out into VDMX?

    Thanks for helping clear this up…

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      it’s the other way round: VDMX -> MAdMapper.
      You can of course put media directly into MadMapper, but it’s not a mixing software, so if you want to mix multiple videos, replay QC comps and what not, it’s better to do it in your usual environment (like VDMX or Modul8). I hope this clarifies things a little bit !

      • mbirame Says:

        OK-I got that-but then I was reimporting it into VDMX to output there, but I guess I don’t need to-I can just project the MadMapper output. It seems, though, that what I’m hoping to achieve doesn’t work? I would like to have each layer in VDMX go to a separate Syphon output and then to a separate Surface in MadMapper. Is this not possible in the Demo? There seems to be a limitation where I can’t get separate Syphon outputs to go to separate Surfaces…I’m trying to figure out how to change images of the Surfaces on the fly from VDMX.

      • Francois Wunschel Says:

        only one syphon input. you should put your footage side by side in VDMX, and send them all at once. there’s a tutorial for modul8 here (but you’ll get the concept) :

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