MadMapping Workshop #2

The coolest function of MadMapper is definetly the SpaceScanner.
It allows to turn the projector into a scanner, using a Canon camera and a structured lighting algorythm.
The result of the one-click procedure is a 2d bitmap of the projector’s point of view. Pixel accurate.

10 Responses to “MadMapping Workshop #2”

  1. great feature ! When it’s possible to buy mad mapper ? realease date is 26th May ? But I don’t find it … thx ;)

  2. tsiwt Says:

    Yes I am also waiting for it… any news? Great Work by the way a true inspiration.

  3. Do you give another mad mapping workshop somewhere like in Geneve?
    Would be great !

  4. Francois Wunschel Says:

    next workshop is at Mutek, Montreal, CAN this week end

  5. … and after, there is an other one ? Montreal, is very far of Paris !!

  6. What is the projector used to do small mapping installations.
    I dont have the $ for big projectors but im willing to start with the small one that work

  7. lets say i want to make a music video, shot with a canon 5d and i want to map the room where the band is playing. what would be the lowest amount of lumens in a projector to have a great result in the video? thanks for the fast response!

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