MadMapper / Neuchatel

Finally, MadMapper in action in Neuchatel.

And a photo of my computer screen, showing QC + MadMapper + Live all running in conjunction. This time I didn’t even bother compiling a custom app, and ran the show directly from the QC viewer. Sweet, as it allows for some live patching.

2 Responses to “MadMapper / Neuchatel”

  1. is this madmapper calibration apps?
    do i have to creates all the contents on 3D or 2D apps?
    whats the great features of madmapper that sets it apart from 3D apps?
    it looks like modular system aka C74, PD, SC, VVVV, Touch Designer.


  2. Francois Wunschel Says:

    You have to create your content using any app that is Syphon enabled
    (such as Quartz Composer, Modul8, VDMX, Unity3D, Processing, MaxMSP, OpenFrameworks, Cinder).
    MadMapper is not modular like vvvv, it works at the end of the video chain.

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