Euphorie in Brazil

We’ll be performing in Rio the 1st April at Hipersonica/File festival.
Entrance is free (as in beer):

And the 3rd in Sao Paulo at the MIS.
Entrance is free as well:

4 Responses to “Euphorie in Brazil”

  1. ever goind to pass here in portugal?

  2. Francois Wunschel Says:

    not soon. Any info about good venues, art centers, cool AV festivals …. truly welcome !

  3. Clara Antunes Says:

    Greetings Fran├žois Wunschel and Fernando Favier!
    I really loved this performance. I’m currently finishing a Master in Management and Cultural Programming and preparing a project which is to come real in 2012/13 of a Festival in a small portuguese town around the theme dream and absurd, involving mapping, art video, music and urban interventions. Just so I have an idea,would you be willing to try this in Portugal? What’s your average cachet? Is it technically complex to assemble?
    Thank you for your time!
    Best, Clara Antunes

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