Herr Lindenmayer, ja ja, sicher !
Not optimized (it uses Display Lists and not VertexArrays), still fun.
A great opportunity to practice your german.
Check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L-system for detailed explanations.
This will also reveal that the guy was actually Hungarian.
My bad. Magyar túl nehéz.
Still not working inside an iterator although I tried the @synthesize method.
Ivars is something I don’t quite get. And I hate cocoa.
But I like chocolate++.
Next step ? Replace the point with textured PointSprite.

19 Responses to “_1024_LSystem”

  1. craking toasts….
    how come do you hate cocoa?

  2. Francois Wunschel Says:

    cocoa is very boring to me. Syntax is awkward. I find it very difficult to grasp. On the other hand, c++ seems way easier to learn.
    I guess that’s just a question of feeling.

    At the end of the day, you’ve gone through objective-c , c++ , openGL GLSL … pfew … I’m building a tool arsenal, so that some day, maybe, I’ll be able to switch to c++ entirely (cinder…)

  3. greaaat stuff (geil), and a special thanks for the hungarian words:D

  4. awkward is only to be nice! i’d say it was made up by a really big giant german man with a very strong accent that has a problem writting “i like chocolat” : )
    ahhhh but don’t leave us in the cocoa land alone
    i am starting from fresh with c++ :)

  5. Wait, you find Cocoa boring and yet want to use C++? The mind boggles :)

  6. Francois Wunschel Says:

    yep. Don’t you find c++ much friendlier (I don’t want to start a flame atari-amiga style…) ? For me it is starting to be a real pleasure coding c++ (remember, I’m originally an architect, not a programmer), as in, I start understanding what I’m doing. Objective-C on the other hand is a real pain – like the whole ivar thing – . While objC is mac-centric, c++ is pervasive, sources flourish all around the web.
    Just my opinion (which could be debated for hours).
    Anton, you’re really confident at objC, you seem to just have understood the magic trick (as seen from your gently shared sources). I’ve looked at one of your plug recently and for me it is just a nightmare to load and bind a shader for instance. Anyway …

    • C++ has instance variables (variables within a class, not global to the whole app). ivars are an object oriented paradigm, which every object oriented language has, its not a Obj-C only “ism”

      I mentioned using ivars because if you had global variables they would be over-written multiple times. I suspect your C++ class may have those (perhaps not, I am guessing), but be sure to read the Objective-C++ guide, as there are some gotchas using C++ with Obj-C.

      • The reason I really like Obj-C is it spells everything out for you. C++ and C functions are opaque in the sense that its not very clear what function(x,y,z) takes as variables, or generally speaking how C++ and C functions are named, etc. Obj-C on the other hand is more verbose, allowing you to literally read and understand whats going on:

        [object methodThatDoesSomethingToX: andY: andZ:] for example.

        I find it easier to read and understand the context in which things are running. Im also not a trained CS person btw :)

  7. what?? i was starting to find those “lines” in your performances a really archi drawings, but…
    so you are an architect….. i rather call you an artistmmer…..

  8. what do ivars have to do with the plugin not working inside an iterator?

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      don’t know. I’ve been pointed to the ivars track, I didn’t know anything about them two days ago, still searching a clue.
      I’m a big fan of your Simplex plugin, which I use for almost every moving thing. It works nicely inside an iterator.
      Fancy sharing a trick ?

  9. I’m no programmer’s arm pit, but ivar create a variable specific to each particular instance of a function, so if inside an iterator, your main function class is being created n times you’ll get n different representations of those ivars, each one particular to each iteration, no messing them up.

    Hey I was an Architecture student for 4 years on and off Franz. Got kicked out for being too uncompromising, just like howard rourke!


  10. man, getting the iterator problem solved for your plugins would create beautiful possibilities…. somebody — vade, fsk, alastair — please help this man!

    off topic, but that video of your rope audio reactive killer snake charmer video game piece was super enjoyable. i’m showing it (and the rest of 1024) to people saying, “this person is doing great work right now!”

  11. Great plugin – how come its done as a macro patch and runs so slow with medium amount (in the 100’s) of branches? does it work out the tree structure every frame?

    Cheers James

  12. but why the macro patch instead of a standard consumer? this is just done in c++ open gl no?

  13. Great plugin!
    Is there a rule grammar reference somewhere?

  14. Thank you for sharing this, I never really understand it, but thank you so much.

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