_1024_PerspectiveMatrix QCPlugin

I had a few requests from people wanting a modified version of _1024_Perspective plugin, that works not just on a quad, but on the whole openGL scene.
I happened to have this plugin internally, so here is PerspectiveMatrix, that does the job.
Layer it BEFORE your bunch of sprites, and they will all match the perspective plane that you define.
Usefull when mapping just one plane.
Sample file included. download from the box.

4 Responses to “_1024_PerspectiveMatrix QCPlugin”

  1. florian canga Says:

    Do u have any video tutorial about the madmapper?

  2. Hi
    Am using VDMX and i did the patch work for this qc in the same way like the surface wrap.. am able to select the inputs and the four points are moving but no responce in the image.. did i make any mistake or its not made for vdmx..

  3. And one more thing, How to enable and disable the control points, cos its shown in the output..

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