_1024_Cloth QCplugin

As there as been quite a discussion on the forums recently about a QCcloth simulation, and that I also happened to have one in the tube, I’m posting this very-early build of a Cloth QCplugin.
Feature set is quite poor, as I’m still struggling to find an elegant and usefull way to publish controls. So this plugin is early alpha, and I doubt it can be of any use to anyone.
However, I’m posting it in case somebody has an interesting idea on how to control it, UI-wise. Any comments welcome.
Eventually, it will end up in Euphorie show. I guess I’ll be physically blowing on a virtual cloth…
Download the 0.1 version from the box. Sample file included.

16 Responses to “_1024_Cloth QCplugin”

  1. hi
    well ideas i have alot.
    but i would check mayas (alias) clothing simulations they have alot and i mean alot of controls well designed and well ui built, for some inspirations.
    i hope it helps.

  2. Hi !
    Great job !
    Would it be possible to have access to the points, and then to eventually pinch one of the point (with, maybe, 2 values in an XYZ structure : pinched/released, like you do with the corners) ?
    And… an access to the texture :-)

  3. man you are so on a roll it’s crazy!! awesome work!

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      haha , thx to you mate ! since the mapping last year you gave me the will to push into the depths of coding !

  4. i sit here and shake my head with joy and admiration for this work. and anticipation for the great features you will add. :)

  5. so cool. thanks for sharing.

  6. hi mr. Franz I was wondering if your plugin supports any geometry ? or only cloth like the one In the picture.
    ok you got me to upgrade to snow on my computer…..but I was wondering about that.

  7. hey mr.franz will this be developed an further when you have the time please!?!?!?

  8. Technomorph Says:

    IS there any way to patch an image into the cloth?


  9. hell yeah!!! you should! please do!

  10. but please could ” at least” add:
    structure input so i can use some custom geometry of mine?
    fixed vertex selected by index?
    and fixed vertex count?
    image input would be just awsome?

    sorry for the arrassement,,,,
    thanks alot bern

  11. is there a way to have it while released cant be zoomed out a bit and have the corners attached to an x and y position, this is for kinect… is there a way?

  12. Sorry but where do I find the box i can download it from ?

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