_1024_SVG QCplugin

A work in progress plugin to load a SVG vector file and render it using GL_LINES.
Currently supports paths, rectangles and circles.
Color and filling are not supported yet.
SVG path is absolute (unless someone points me a way to handle relative path in a QCplugin).
Note that you may have reduce the scale in order to see something in your viewport.

10.5/10.6 Universal. Sample file included, along with anIllustrator file to check the best positioning.

5 Responses to “_1024_SVG QCplugin”

  1. jesus i know a way:
    try this:
    its relative to the composition:

    NSString *path = self.inputPath;
    if([path length] != 0)//PATH SECTION
    // is it an absolute path? if so, don’t do anything KINEME GUYS!!!
    if([path characterAtIndex:0] != ‘/’)
    NSLog(@”current ABSOLUT path : %@”, path);

    if([path characterAtIndex:0] != ‘~’)
    // this is when the file to save is relative to the compostion
    path = [NSString pathWithComponents:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:[[[context compositionURL] path] stringByDeletingLastPathComponent], self.inputPath, nil]];
    NSLog(@”current COMPOSITION path : %@”, path);

    { // it is a ~ directory, expand it
    path = [path stringByExpandingTildeInPath];
    NSLog(@”current TILDED path : %@”, path);


    i really hope i can help….

    • You can handle this maybe a bit cleaner with:

      NSString * path = self.inputPathToLoad;

      // relative to composition ?
      if(![path hasPrefix:@"/"])
      path = [NSString pathWithComponents:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:[[[context compositionURL] path]stringByDeletingLastPathComponent], path, nil]];

      // This loads ~ based paths and what not in one go.
      path = [path stringByStandardizingPath];

      if([[NSFileManager defaultManager] fileExistsAtPath:path])
      // Load our new path to whatever we want...

  2. This is great!

    I was expecting it to render just as an image (from my kineme email), but seeing that this outputs structure is a wonderful surprise.

  3. Hi!
    Great news. This solves my urge to import vector into quartz.
    regards Niklas

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