_1024_BOX2D QCplugin

First release of _1024_BOX2D quartz composer plugin.
It uses Cinder framework internally, and ci::BOX2d by David Wicks.
Original BOX2D by Erin Catto.
Sample file included. Download from the box.

7 Responses to “_1024_BOX2D QCplugin”

  1. hy,

    if i try to open your composition it say’s that it can’t find the plug-in

  2. Sweeeet!! :D

  3. doesnt work for me, it says missing plugins

  4. You did a 32 bit only build for some reason (?). Is that a restriction of box2d?

  5. If you’re a sad, poor windows user(like me) you can check this version out:


  6. help i really want this to work but alas no joy

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