Box2d QCplugin | Cinder WIP

Last week-end we played Euphoria in Metz/FR, and felt the need of making a new track.
So I decided to give another go at Cinder, and tried -successfully- to make a Box2D Cinder-based QCplugin.
The performance is ok so far, with full mouse input/drag support.
The next step is to enable sound-synchro when the boxes hit themselves or bounce on the ground…
Here’s a snapshot.

5 Responses to “Box2d QCplugin | Cinder WIP”

  1. Great!

  2. mmm, i love Cinder :) great work

  3. nicolas horne Says:

    this looks exciting!
    you dont get 60fps while stirring around in there, do you?
    would it be possible to map images onto the surfaces?

  4. 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

    i got 60fps, indeed. boxes aren’t textured yet.

  5. Really impressive! :)
    How can you compile cinder in a QCplugin? I guess you need a proxy class that allows your cinder app to receive QC viewer input and the QC viewer to receive cinder output.. is it right?
    Do you think you’ll make a tutorial on how to use cinder in a custom QC plugin? It should be veeeery interesting! :D

    Great work!

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