_1024_ParticleWarfare 1.1 QCplugin update

I was just stuck in the train from Geneva to Paris, due to bad weather conditions. Hopefully I had my laptop and a fully charged battery. So I took some time to modify ParticleWarfare QC plugin, add a few new options.

– It now takes a XYZ structure as input, so you can pipe a Mesh Vertices structure directly into the plugin.
Mesh emitting particles. Yeah, that’s cool.
– Added a Noise Multiplier option, for more subtle effects.
– Tweaked a few other parameters and added a Depth Testing option.

Still not bug free, so I wouldn’t recommend having 2 instances of the patch in the same graph.
Sample files included. download from the box.

Here’s a snapshot of a 3d Head mesh emitting particles from each edge:

12 Responses to “_1024_ParticleWarfare 1.1 QCplugin update”

  1. bernardoamorim Says:

    awesome!! allways wanted to do this!!!
    got to learn objc

  2. I must be missing something. I’m getting this message when trying to load an example composition: : Patch with name “QCPlugInPatch:_1024_P_EmitterPlugIn” is missing

    Is _1024_P_EmitterPlugIn another plugin to install?

    • 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

      it is the same plugin. put the plugin from the zip in your quartz composer plugins/ folder

      • Got it. I had them in “Quartz Composer Patches” which didn’t work, but “Quartz Composer Plug-Ins” does work.

  3. BOX? what box////
    im looking at this page for like 20 min… cant fnid no box (other then the one im writing in…)

  4. hey!
    found the box, it came up when I went back to the main page and sis a search…
    but its not here now…
    ok, gonna check out your cool plugin

  5. I’m having an issue with getting anything to render to QT movie, I can see the particles in the viewer, but doing an “Export as QT movie” just results in a black box. I have my test QC set up with video straight into the particle warfare plugin into the image emitter. Do I need to output that to a billboard or sprite?

  6. I’d love to download it, but can’t find any link. The Box?

  7. […] this time sets became darker and cleaner. I also used different plugins. The hairy thing is ParticleWarfare plugin from 1024 architecture. It has an option to generate particles from video input’s […]

  8. Where is the download box?? I feel like an idiot.

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