_1024_GL_BezierSurface QCplugin

Xmas time comes this year with a nasty storm of QCplugins, here’s is _1024_GL_BezierSurface, a 4×4 control points smooth surface, that should allow any visualist to project onto curved surfaces, such a cyclos. The plug definitely needs some more polishing, but should do the job anyway.

The texture is currently rotated and flipped, so adding an Image Texturing Properties patch to your input image will trick the plugin. If you’re annoyed by the nasty aliasing at the edges, I would recommend compositing a 1pixel black border to the input image. Still looking for an elegant solution.

EDIT: just added a 1.02 version that fixes a nasty bug, and also adds a SoftRec CIkernel for sweet anti-aliased borders, as pointed by GT in the comments. Sorry to all early downloaders.

10.5/10.6, sample file included, download from the box.
Merry Xmas !

35 Responses to “_1024_GL_BezierSurface QCplugin”

  1. There is a CI kernel example that Apple made called Soft Clip that is fairly nice for providing a fake anti-alias, and it’s not too pricey. One has to place the renderer in Over blend.

    I think I’ve uploaded it @ kineme before… it’s probably buried in the 10.5 Developer folder somewhere.

  2. Nope, it was called SoftRect… my apologies.

  3. 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

    thanks for the tip GT !

  4. 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

    I just added the SoftRec to the included example patch. thanks again.

  5. This is amazingly useful. Thank you. I have immediate use of this for an upcoming gig. Perfect timing.

  6. oooo, yess, yess, yess
    and mary xmass you too :)

  7. Really awesome work..I’ve been waiting for something like this. I hope you don’t mind, but I posted an expanded version of your patch over on my page..it gives vdmx access to all 16 control points…now if only I could tackle point storage..but that is where being a legitimate programmer would come in handy..I’ll just have to wait patiently for MapMapper, haha

    Here is the link to the expanded comp: http://blairneal.com/blog/1024-bezier-warp-expanded-qc-comp-for-vdmx/

    • 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

      Great !
      For point storage, you could use a structure and save it to disk with Kineme Structure tools.

      • Ah..I had been looking at structure tools..but a closer look showed me that Kineme’s File Tools actually has the writing to disk option. It would be the ugliest QC patch ever with a 32 input and output structure in addition to the bezier warp..but that certainly would help…I imagine I’d just bring the structure back in and read it into the interaction offsets..very interesting…

  8. roboterrr Says:

    Thanks for making this plugin – I look forward to trying it out!
    I’m having trouble installing it for use in VDMX – where should “_1024_GL_BezierSurface.plugin” go?

    • 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

      in library/graphics/quartz composer plugins/

      • roboterrr Says:

        thanks. it appears in VDMX’s “Video FX Palatte” but still won’t open in a layer’s FX chain.

        i put “_1024_GL_BezierSurface.plugin” in library/graphics/quartz composer plugins/
        and i put “_1024_GL_BezierSurface_00.qtz” in Applications/VDMX5_b7.5.8/qcFX

        is this all correct?

  9. 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

    don’t know about the vdmx procedure.

    check here

  10. Have tried updating to latest SDK for 10.5 {Version 3.1 (63.2)} but still get the error:

    : Patch with name “QCMouseInteraction” is missing

    Which then leads to a laundry list of broken inputs from macro patch about cannot create connection blah, blah, blah.

    Is there a plugin I am missing and should add to my repository or is the interaction for 10.6 only?

    • 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

      interaction is 10.6 only

      • if interaction is 10.6 only should the patch still work but need values entered by hand rather than dragging pins with the mouse, or will it not work at all?
        you say there’s a 10.5 sample file though there’s only one qz file in the dl and it doesn’t seem to work at all on 10.5, is that correct?

      • Francois Wunschel Says:

        maybe all the coordinates are set to 0 ?
        should work on 10.5

      • i just get an error that ‘QCMouseInteraction’ patch is missing – that makes sense if interaction is 10.6 only, but it seems to lead to loads of errors on opeing and i get an almost empty composition opening up.

  11. So this is really a useful patch! But I tried dropping a Syphon server on the patch and then the image area goes all white. Does anybody know how to solve this?

  12. Martino Says:

    Where can i dowload it???????

  13. Would it be possible for you to make a non-bezier version of this such that it removes the curvature? basically a polygon surface distortion editor – straight lines only?

  14. blackburst Says:

    How does this handle aspect ratios? I’d like to use the patch to warp a 1920×1080 video but it seems to crop it down to 4×4, is there a way of keeping the entire image and have it fill the frame?

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      mmm… it should work. the full image is displayed in a surface @ratio 1:1
      Then you should move the points accordingly.
      Eventually you can place everythin in a 3d transformation patch and correct the ratio manually if you don’t want to hassle move all the points manually. I just checked, it works without any issues.

      Btw, no cropping happens in the plugin.

      Send me a QTZ file if you run into problems.

  15. Is there a way the instruction on the output window can be removed?

  16. I also get the list of error and then then in vdmx the four handle points function but the image does not show I am running os x 10.6.8 and Quartz composer 4.0

    • Francois Wunschel Says:

      does the example file run in QC4.0 on your system ?
      (note that you can have up to 16 control points in total)

      • when I load it in QC the viewer just shows four pink squares at the the corners. I can move them but the rest of the screen is black so no visible effect. I noticed the image out on the Image Texturing properties is not connected to anything, could that be the problem? Can’t figure where it would go to though.

      • Francois Wunschel Says:

        it means you didnt install it properly.

  17. got it now thanks- great work!

  18. I’m having an issue with this as i can only see the text at the bottom and a black screen but no checker box. I am running it on QC 4.6, any ideas?

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