Abies Electronicus #2

Under the snow, a nightly photo session. Image courtesy of Simon Deprez, the surfer-photographer.
3x Christies LX1500 (only 45000 lumen in total ,(), and all lights controlled by one single patch, aka _1024_LightController: fiddles an array of 14 RGB LED projectors, and 200 flashbulbs.

6 Responses to “Abies Electronicus #2”

  1. cool :)

  2. this is awesome!
    what hardware do you use to run all that?

  3. and what software did you use to control it? did you do it from modul8?

  4. 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

    controlled by our custom app for the video + ableton live for the sound

  5. What sort of materials did you guys use for the faces of the scaffolding?

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