Perspective Lyrique / Chewing-gum building

Some more testing for a voice-activated building deformation. The patch analyses the tone of the voice, and applies the corresponding deformation, in realtime. Frank O. Gehry style.

9 Responses to “Perspective Lyrique / Chewing-gum building”

  1. bernardoamorim Says:

    is the building a map projected onto a simple geometry or is it all geometry with somekind of ambient occlusion?

  2. bernardoamorim Says:

    wicked very wicked
    modelled in what software?

  3. 1024Architecture.Franz Says:


  4. bernardoamorim Says:

    me experienced user in 3dsmax if i can help you sometime me would like to help really alot….
    sorry for all the posts… with stupid behaviour.
    a great fan of your work

  5. 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

    hey, nice website you’ve got. Clean 3d renderings ! Pop in the office when you’re in Paris … !

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