3D Bridge / Nuit Blanche Report

The first video report of 3D Bridge, a massive video mapping installation in Paris, is out !
Features our live mapping tools, all projected from a single computer on 6 christies R20k beamers.

5 Responses to “3D Bridge / Nuit Blanche Report”

  1. chacolina Says:

    Please let me know the background music ; )

  2. 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

    Music used:
    Pulseprogramming / Within the ordely life (remix Sylvain Chauveau)
    Matthew dear / Another
    Chloé / One in other
    The Penelope’s / Sabotage
    Francoise Balibard / La relativité générale

  3. Chuck Goldfinger Says:

    Is it done with the madmapper tool you are working on with garagecube? If not what tool is it? Can you tell more about it? Would great to hear more about the workflow.

    • 1024Architecture.Franz Says:

      It was done with a custom program, which is the actual sketch for MadMapper.
      However, MadMapper will be more feature rich, and easier to use.
      The workflow consisted of drawing lines and quads on the actual scaffolding structure. Then all the elements where animated by midid\ using Ableton Live.

      • Chuck Goldfinger Says:

        That’s really awesome. Can’t wait for the final app. Go on guys and make it real!

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