Corner Pin…

Today I completely re-coded the QC_Interaction patch (cause it was kind of buggy within our use), and a new sort-of-Queue patch, but based on c++ vector, so that I can update/remove any object at any index.
Quite handy for editing and fine tuning…
Here’s the result, a corner-pin app with unlimited quads…

12 Responses to “Corner Pin…”

  1. Is this for 3D mapping? What do you mean with download from the box, where is this box?


    • yes, this is for 3D mapping. The “box” is the grey thing at the bottom right of this page. However, there’s no download for corner Pin at the moment.

  2. I found the box, now gonna trying to find this file,

    I’m new, like to work with quartz composer, thx for this blog

  3. Ok, before I really start to spam your blog, these .plugin files, how to you make them work? Is this stuff made in C++?


  4. hiltmeyer Says:

    will you make this public some time.

  5. … so there isn’t any plugin available right now, is there?

    Nevermind, Still obviously some major step forward in projecting in a correct perspective manner.

  6. andris Says:


    I can’t find the download box.
    I would really like to download the plugin.


  7. Hi there,

    could U maybe send me the Plugin file. Cause there is still no download in the Box…

    Thx, if you can help.

  8. I love that plugin. It’s a lot easier to use and a lot more precise than many other solutions. I’ve been fiddeling around packaging a cornerpinning tool in QC to use in qLab for a simple setup of Projections. Don’t know where to put it so people might use it as a starting point.

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