Some more Particles testing…

I finally decided to get rid of the CINDER dependency (except cinder::Vector class, because it was really handy…) since the compiled plugin (codename:: ParticleWarfare) was way to big: from 4+MB, the final plug went to only … 100KB. Quite an improvement, for the same functionalities, less the compilation fighting. (Sorry about that… on the other hand, I learned a lot reading CINDER framework’sources, so well written, thanks again for this, you guys just rock the scene !).
Lots of optimizations, esp. after having bought the bible by Stroustrup., which weights more than my Macbook ! This is not the type of book to bring on holidays.
Still a couple of bug to remove before a proper release …. and a proper installation (in Paris on the 2nd of October, for those around).

One Response to “Some more Particles testing…”

  1. nice!! interesting you played with CINDER…

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