Sometimes, a picture is better than a thousand words.
This is my desktop.

3 Responses to “deskTopia”

  1. ha, i know that picture very well :-)

  2. The only difference is that I let them line up as a “grid” and make my icons generic. I’ve had it to where the whole desktop fills up, and there is one icon stacked dozens high.

    cwright always recommends to not have all the icons rendering on the desktop, but I can’t help but store to desktop. Way more convenient than Documents, and having the finder window open (though I probably have a few finder windows open in one of my spaces at any given time).

    “A picture is worth a thousand words” is something I heard a million times growing up, as my father would take out paper and pen to sketch something to illustrate some idea to me.

  3. regarding cwright’recomendations, when performance is an issue, i just quit the finder (via tinkertool)

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