I’ve been working this week at a new particle engine for QC, featuring EmitterStructure input, Image input and Line based emission. The plugin will certainly be in use at 3 major shows we’ll be having this autumn.
It currently also allows to grow hair-like trailing particles.
As Salvador Dali said: ” Architecture has to be soft and hairy”.
Here’s a test output:

8 Responses to “HairyTecture”

  1. Oh that looks lovely.

  2. thxx

  3. wow that does look good!

  4. Are those hairs the byproduct of particles moving from points on the lines, and creating feedback trails, or is each hair actually a line?

  5. I should add… I’m very excited about the thought of what could be done with this.

    If there is an emitter structure input, it might be interesting to investigate supporting keyed input and being able to send a color channel, ala gltools.

  6. the emitter structure input uses keys for x and Y coords. It is compatible with GLtools structures. Adding a key for each group of particles color channel is definetly doable. I’ll investigate on this, and eventually make a release. thanks for the suggestion.

  7. Very soft. I like it.

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