some more QC-Cinder experiments

Just managed yesterday to get Image Buffer representation working in a QC plugin,
so I quickly fused it with my on-going Cinder-based particles plugin.
Now the plugin can emit particles based on some image’brightness (using motion detection).
Here’s a snap, and hopefully a release soon.
(and yes, this is me on the picture ;(

3 Responses to “some more QC-Cinder experiments”

  1. So, does this basically end up being a lot like Kineme Image Particle – or is there ability for this to work with the random plugin?

    I know I’ve sort of mentioned this, but you might want to take a look at the GL Structure Render Environment, and then the way that OpenCL also puts out a 4D structure sometimes, with Mesh. If the random and the math plugins could somehow handle structures with a variable “depth”, it would let a lot more stuff be done.

    Kudos again on all of the plugins.

    I LOVE the Cinder developer demo stuff. There are some really cool examples in there. It would be pretty badass if you cold get that “water sim” effect going with the Image Particle thing you have here. It would really have that Fairlight “Circling Forth” effect.

  2. mmmm, is the KnM Image Particle public already ?

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