_1024_Image_to_Sound QCplugin

since I just managed to get ImageBufferRepresentation working into quartz composer plugin,
I thought that I could whip up a tiny plugin to convert a bitmap image into an audio buffer.
Image to sound….
Some here’s the plug, 10.5/10.6, with sample file included – intel only.
The buffer size is actually 1024 (guess why ?), so the plugin will only convert the first 1024 pixels of the image,
starting from the upper left corner. A 32*32 pixels image input is optimal, no need for bigger size.
2 modes are available: average pixel value or RGB.
Download from the box, as usual. Any comments welcome.

and used in conjonction to vade’s Glitch plugin:

8 Responses to “_1024_Image_to_Sound QCplugin”

  1. I promise this isn’t the start of a stream of bug reports, but this plugin doesn’t survive a stopExecution: startExecution: cycle.

    otherwise I love this so much.

  2. Yeah, this is a known issue. The audio part is IMHO extremely difficult to fit within a graphic engine. I’m not experienced enough in terms of programming to grasp all the subtilities of low-level audio crap.
    It is exactly the same with all the audio plugins i’ve tryied to build, be it OF-based, CINDER-based, or just CoreAudio based (using AAPL’sample code). Definetly some problem with the interrupt….

  3. cool, I’ll clean it up a bit, and I’ll send it over to you by mail.

  4. incredible. i love it!

  5. Haha – Ok, I have finally found ‘the box’. Thanks!

  6. where is the box i download it from?

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