_1024_MATHStructure Quartz Composer plugin

Since I was quite satisfied with our PerlinNoise plugin in terms of speed,
I took some time this morning to quickly whip a suite of 2 plugins to actually manipulate QC Structures.

This plug comes in 2 flavors : 1D structure operations or 3D operations,
meaning the 3D structure is composed of sub-structures with XYZ keys.
This is pretty handy when working in conjunction to KnM GLTools.

The 1D plugin will let you operated between different sized structures of NUMBERS.
The 3D plugin will freak out if the 2 structures have a different size. Be warned.
I should probably use C arrays internally, instead of sticking to NSDictionary and NSArray…
Maybe a future update will have this solved.

Meanwhile, the following operations are possible:
+ – * / > < == !=
and lerp, which performs a linear interpolation between the 2 inputs, based on a 0-1 range.
The included example uses KnM File Tools (needed to load structures from file) and KnM GLTools.
The example is quite shabby looking, sorry about that.
Download from the box. Drop a comment if you do find some bug (apart from the one I mentioned).

3 Responses to “_1024_MATHStructure Quartz Composer plugin”

  1. You are becoming like a total one man posting machine for patches and original plugins. Got to try this out with Meshes.

  2. haha ! … thanks for following this blog

  3. hey,
    this is so amazing, I am totally new to VDMX, and just found out the powerfulness of QC patches, but how can I download it here? where is the box?

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