_1024_PerlinNoise Quartz Composer Plugin

Since i just had to implement a Perlin Noise class in C++,
(as I ran into problems using ci::Rand due to some unknown linker problem)
I thought it could be useful to dev. a Perlin QC plugin, that would output a convenient structure,
highly suitable for iterator processing, or directly pipeable into KnM Structure renderer.

So based on some initial values, the plug. will output a structure of X Y Z values.
Download from the box, as usual.
Sample file included, should work on 10.5/10.6 / intel only.

4 Responses to “_1024_PerlinNoise Quartz Composer Plugin”

  1. Very impressive indeed. An interesting and useful plugin. I’ll be looking for ward to seeing how one can effectively employ this plugin, both for structure renders and structure permutations.

  2. You are hero!
    Thank you!

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