openGL Flowers

Today i had a go at a quick openGL experiment.
These are made of springs and fully sound reactive.
Here’s a snapshot:

6 Responses to “openGL Flowers”

  1. I want to work with you…

    • 1024d Says:

      cool, contact us via email through info {at} 1024architecture dot net
      we are looking for collaborators.
      nice blog you have, btw !

  2. Franz, this looks great. Is this enabled by a custom plugin? If you’re looking for collaborators, keep me in mind as well.

  3. hi how are you i am very interested in learn this kind of resources. i am from mexico i would like to collaborate with you.

  4. is there anywhere to download any of these compositions. I see the Repository has the plugins… are there any of these sample cmops out there? They are awesome. would love to disect them and see how they work to learn QC.

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