Tetra.Tennis 0.30

I’ve been working today on the new Tetra.Tennis UI.
Currently using BGHudAppKit.framework – as pointed by Vade, thanks mate !-,
for a uber-friendly HUDstyle interface.
The software is still in dev. , but allows so far to control video and strobes,
all via manual controls or MIDI sync.
The strobes will finally also be controlled by Fred Viktor’s drum kit, live of course.


3 Responses to “Tetra.Tennis 0.30”

  1. Oh, looks much nicer! awesome :)

  2. […] TETRA Tennis est un dispositif de mapping vidéo sur le court de tennis, un outil permettant de redessiner le terrain de manière dynamique, de le faire vibrer et réagir à la musique. Controlé à l’aide d’une manette de jeux, les séquences visuelles peuvent être remaniées en temps réel: transformées, déformées, tremblées, pivotées, partir en profondeur… […]

  3. […] TETRA Tennis was our answer. It is video-mapping set-up, projected directly on the tennis court. Once the lights dim out, the show consists of redrawing the lines of the court in interaction with the music. […]

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